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What Are the Metal Stamping Benefits to the Aerospace Industry with Parts Manufacturing?

Accuracy is of the utmost importance when thinking about aerospace. Even a tiny error could be fatal, which is why the industry requires there to be such tight tolerances. Things need to be perfect, not just passable. Because of the fact that the aerospace industry requires such a high level of precision, that makes custom metal stamping an ideal option.

How Does Aerospace Use Custom Metal Stamping Services?

Metal stamping is a great option when it comes to creating precise parts that fit in tight tolerances. Plus, the fact that it is easy to customise the process means that an aerospace company can get nearly any part they need to fit with another component. Several pieces of equipment might need these parts, including:

1. Lighting systems, including switches.

2. Instruments.

3. Enclosures or housings for airplanes.

4. Systems to ensure a high enough level of oxygen.

The Advantages of the Process

One of the main benefits of getting custom metal stamping services is that it is possible to use many kinds of metal. For example, aerospace might require copper materials, which can conduct electricity. Or they may need specific lightweight grades of aluminum, which can be more versatile and lighter than other types. It can resist corrosion easily.

Another material often used is titanium. It is very strong considering how much it weighs, and it can easily resist damage that high temperatures might cause. Plus, it will not corrode. In a similar way, stainless steel also will not corrode easily, and it is very strong. A company could also choose cold-rolled steel since it is more durable than many other kinds of steel. For high temperatures, a company may select a nickel metal or a nickel alloy.

Picking Out a Material

Choosing a suitable material can be difficult, but it is important for an aerospace company to take a few things into account. That might include considering where the item will get used the most and what the temperature will be. Luckily, an aerospace company does not have to do that alone. The right metal stamping company can help make that decision for them.

Choose the Best Custom Metal Stamping Today

It is easy to meet the needs of the customer with this process. We have AS9100D certification for our production processes that is a must in Aerospace industry, including CNC metal machining. To find out more about how Promark Tool and Manufacturing can benefit the aerospace industry, contact us today.