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How AS9100D-Certified Suppliers Meet the Needs of the Aerospace Industry

Each industry has a set of quality standards that its end-products need to meet. The aerospace industry is no exception and takes a particularly unique position with regard to quality as its products are for flying passengers through the air at a high rate of speed. It is an extremely diverse and complicated industry because it encompasses defence, aviation, and space. Aerospace products include airliners, spacecraft, gliders, and missiles. That means that the industry requires suppliers, including providers of CNC metal machining services, to uphold AS9100D standards.

About AS9100D Certification

Suppliers, including providers of CNC machining services, need to be AS9100-certified and meet the strict quality standards set by the aerospace industry. AS9100 is the standard of quality that first came out in 1999, replacing earlier standards. Before this came out, the U.S. Military set certain benchmarks for inspection and supplier quality that helped with the industry’s basic requirements. When the government adopted ISO 9001, they removed the military specifications. Then aerospace companies required suppliers to develop new standards of quality that complied with ISO 9001.

Meeting the AS9100D Standard

In North America, the AS9102 First Article Inspection (FAI) format serves as the standard inspection process for the aerospace sector. The purpose of this is to show that the company designed parts that met quality specifications. It also verified that parts are clearly documented, verified, and accounted for throughout the manufacturing process. That provides a reliable form of documentation.

This documentation is the quality record of the company that created the part. It is a point of reference for planning, support, and accountability when the auditing comes. That way, action plans for non-conforming companies can get created. It reduces the chances of problems happening during the manufacturing process and causing safety issues.

The aerospace industry is a complicated sector, and it carries more risks than other industries. Its products have extensive industrial, defence, and commercial applications, which is why aerospace companies need to partner with the right companies providing reliable CNC machining in Toronto.

These companies need to have AS9100D certification, which is the most recent version of the AS9100 standard. Getting this certification helps the supplier be independently validated; assuring aerospace companies that it will receive aerospace-safe and effective products.

Choose the Best Company for CNC Machining in Toronto

Here at Promark Tool and Manufacturing, we follow the stringent standards that the aerospace industry requires. We have AS9100D certification for our production processes, including CNC metal machining. Our dedication to quality allows our customers in Toronto and the rest of North America to rest easy and have confidence that they’ll receive high-grade metal products. If you want to know more about our CNC machining services, reach out to us today.