Metal Stamping

Which Metal Forming Process Is Apt for Your Application?

Many manufacturers consider metal stamping and spinning to be narrowly focused and very specialised, but these methods can get used in a wide range of different industries. You can find them in climate control, heating, commercial construction, agriculture, and interior design. When it comes to metal stamping services, manufacturers often use stamping or spinning methods.

About Metal Forming

Knowing more about the benefits that each of these processes offers, as well as the overlapping parts of them, can help you to decide on the right technique for your application. There are a couple of main practices for forming metal and choosing metal stamping companies in Ontario that offer these services can benefit your production line in many ways.

Metal Spinning

This process allows you to produce hollow parts for circular cross sections. The process is fairly low-cost, and it lets you efficiently create large amounts of circular objects without creating too much waste. The innovative design of the tooling process lets you do any necessary changes to your production process without that much expense.

Metal spinning is a good process for making objects that have diameters from eight feet down to an inch. A manufacturer might use the process to create products such as musical instruments, lighting, roofing, engine components, satellite dishes, vases, or stainless-steel bowls.

Metal Stamping

With this process, the sheet metal stamping company will cut metal into various shapes. Because it does not require as much machine use, it is not as expensive. The right machine can bend, notch, or bend the material, as necessary. The parts are often in brackets, farm equipment, and ventilation systems.

Choosing the Right Method for Your Application

Each of these techniques offers its own benefits depending on the application. Consider your desired volume size when you are choosing the right method of metal formation. For example, metal spinning might be best for creating parts that have high external or internal pressure. On the other hand, metal stamping might be better for high and low volume orders and is precise.

Choose the Best Metal Stamping Services

Choosing the right company lets you work with someone that can create metal components of nearly any size or shape. Promark Tool and Manufacturing offers services such as metal stamping and spinning, and we take pride in fostering long-term relationships with our clients. Let us help you get started today. Our experts have training in the field and can help to fulfill your next order. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Contact Promark Tool and Manufacturing today if you want to know more about why we are one of the best metal stamping companies in Ontario.