Welding and Fastening

Our range of production equipment includes punch presses, fabrication machinery, varied welding capabilities, fastener insertion and metal clinching technologies. In combination with our assembly expertise, these allow Promark Tool and Manufacturing to manufacture products meeting the most exact requirements.

Our Range of Welding Capabilities Include:

spot welding

Semi-automated plasma arc welding
tig welding
Welding Metal
With these capabilities we have produced items including:
  • Environment-tight enclosures
  • Spotwelded parts and assemblies
  • Cover and base sets with critical visual and functional requirements


These processes allow us to:
  • Provide fast, secure installation of many types of PEM-style hardware
  • Fasten dissimilar materials together quickly and securely, without the need for hardware
  • Material fastening resources; PEMserting for captive hardware and clinch fastening

Some of Our Clients