Mechanical assembies

The Typical Components of Electromechanical Assemblies

Electronic systems have many electromechanical components in them, as well as subassemblies. Integrating them in a panel or enclosure is called system integration. It could be complicated or straightforward, depending on the project specifications. Often, the process of electromechanical assembly involves installing subassemblies and other components and routing the cables and wires. Knowing more about these mechanical assemblies lets you make a more informed decision about your project while choosing the correct components.

Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

Many times, box builds have cables and wires to ensure that the electrical transmissions go to the right components. The lines and wires have to go in there correctly to make sure they can handle the environmental conditions and electrical loads without becoming damaged. The right electromechanical assembly company can help you design and create the assemblies for nearly any project.

Printed Circuit Boards

PCBs are useful in many types of electronic devices today. Compared to regular wire circuits, they offer various benefits, such as a lightweight, small design, making them easy to work with. They also do not cost as much to manufacture and perform more reliably. Their maintenance is relatively simple. They can come as a simple board for a TV remote, or you can find them with dozens of layers for more complicated systems, like computers or servers.

Power Supplies

The power supply is essential for offering power to the box build’s components. It can turn electricity from your power source, like a battery or outlet, to the correct voltage. It also creates the right frequency and current in your assembly.


These are components that use electromagnetism to turn the voltage on or off. It has a lower signal voltage to keep the two isolated electrically. You can use them with each other for Boolean logic, as well. You can get time-delay relays to tell the system to stop or start at a specific time.

Safety Components

Safety is one of the top concerns when creating box build assemblies. These might include light curtains, switches, sensors, and other tools to stop your equipment damage. They can stop or slow your operation as needed.

Choose the Best Mechanical Assemblies in Toronto

Electromechanical assemblies and box builds might be hard to build and design. That is why you should work with a trusted company, such as Promark Tool and Manufacturing, We have extensive experience in the industry and offer excellent customer service. While we cannot do electrical work, relays, or computing systems, we can build the boxes and assemblies. And even though we don’t create these components, you can provide them to use for the assembly. If you want to know about electromechanical assemblies in the area, please reach out to us today.