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The Importance of Selecting the Right Metal in a Fabrication Process

Multiple industries rely on metal fabrication services. Sometimes, it’s because they need a finished product. Other times, they need a prototype before going into full production. Either way, metal fabrication can help a business grow. That’s why it’s crucial to work with an industrial custom manufacturer that uses a variety of methods and chooses the right metal.

Key Factors That a Custom Manufacturing Company Consider

To select the right metal, a reputable industrial custom manufacturer considers several factors. First, there’s the industry itself. Second, the metal fabricator will determine how the customer plans to use the finished product. Last, they’ll factor in any special circumstances.

The Industry Itself

When it comes to fabricated products, the type of industry matters. Typically, an experienced custom manufacturing company knows based on this alone the type or complexity of products involved. Although a skilled fabricator can make just about anything, this helps them when selecting the material.

How a Company Uses the Finished Product

To provide a customer with superior results, an industrial custom manufacturer gathers as much information as possible about the product’s use. For instance, a company might need a basic part to replace one that broke on a piece of in-house equipment. Then again, a company could need an intricate component for the consumer merchandise it makes.

Metal Characteristics

A custom manufacturing company will suggest the appropriate metal according to the information gathered. For instance, a fabricator might suggest aluminum to create a strong product that requires malleability or they could suggest galvanized steel if a customer needs a product that’s both chemical and corrosion-resistant.

Customer’s Budget

Even a company’s budget plays a role in the type of metal chosen. Leading custom manufacturing companies strive to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. They accomplish that in several ways. That includes stellar products and competitive prices. For a company with a limited budget, respected fabricators can find a solution without compromising on quality.

Metals to Accommodate Every Fabrication and Manufacturing Job

Multiple industries turn to Promark Tool and Manufacturing Inc. for assistance. Here are a few examples of why so many companies trust this industrial custom manufacturer:

  • A proven history of success dating back more than 50 years
  • Experts that go above and beyond to help every customer
  • Provides multiple services to include assembly, tool and die, prototyping, and CNC machining

Promark Tool and Manufacturing Inc. uses only high-quality raw metals. These include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, and brass. Whether needing a detailed prototype or thousands of custom metal parts, this manufacturing company produces superior products.