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The Effect of Metal Plating on Stamped Parts

Metal plating is an essential step in finishing precision stamped parts used for large automotive components and miniature parts for electronics and medical devices. Companies engaged in custom metal stamping rely on metal plating to make stronger electronic connections.

Metal plating is far more versatile than that, though. For instance, this process is an excellent way to prolong metal from corroding. It can also provide a decorative element.

3 Kinds of Plating for Metal Stamped Components

With three types of metal plating available, there’s a solution for every industry and application. The plating options that go hand-in-hand with custom sheet metal stamping are:

● Spot Plating

Spot plating is suitable for companies using precious metals specifically for electrical conductivity. This type of plating is instrumental in reducing material use and cost.

● Pre-plating

This involves treating all raw materials used for custom metal stamping. Overall, this saves money compared to having individual parts and components stamped and plated. The drawback is that some areas, specifically the edges, could have void areas.

● Post-plating

The purpose of post-plating as part of the services for metal stamping in Canada is to enhance the part or component’s appearance. At the same time, this can improve functionality and life expectancy when products get exposed to harsh elements, though it can be more expensive.

Key Benefits of Metal Plating

As mentioned, this fabrication process helps protect parts and components. It also makes them more visibly appealing overall. There’s even improvement in a product’s wearability and functionality.

When using a top-rated service for metal stamping in Canada, customers get access to a myriad of benefits. In certain cases, OEM engineers and fabricators work closely together to ensure there’s no material waste. At the same time, they come up with a solution to maximize the performance of the metal plating, as well as the part or component. This is especially important when working with precious metals.

Keep in mind that when selecting a fabricator to handle a custom sheet metal stamping project, experience is vital. For example, some industries use certain metals when the application requires product safety and reliability. To ensure the metal stamping process gets done correctly, it is essential to choose the right source.

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