Electro Mechanical Assembly Services

Looking for complete ready-to-install electro mechanical assembly? We can take our customers product to the next level and:

  • Saves time
  • Saves labour and component costs
  • Minimize inventory
  • Gives quality products needed to satisfy customers
Mechanical Assemby Sled

We can take on our customer’s whole project, sourcing all components whether standard or to a custom design. We’ll also collect RoHS documentation for components as our customers specifications dictate.

Companies representing many industries, including office products, customer electronics, computer electronics, warehouse management systems, electrical installations, military, defence, aerospace and telecommunications, recognize our expertise in mechanical assemblies. We have a focus on quality control for every product before it leaves our doors.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of custom products for these industries, including printed circuit board RF/IF and EMI shielding, telephone system components, electromechanical assemblies, power supply housings, and full chassis assemblies for computer and communications.

Give us an opportunity to take on your next electromechanical assembly project and we’ll show you how our expertise in electro mechanical assembly can make a positive difference to your bottom line!

Some of our past projects include:

  • Electronic chassis and trays for computer racking applications
  • Hinged boxes and enclosures for electrical installations
  • Paper handling assemblies for photocopiers
  • Mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Wire clamp assemblies and kits
  • Presentation and storage cases containing for and moulded components 

Some of Our Clients