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How Metal Stamping Has Progressed Over the Years

For well over a century, metal stamping has had its place across the manufacturing industries. In Canada, many businesses rely on it to develop quality products. It is interesting to consider how the process has evolved. If a business is considering using custom metal stamping services, they can rely on this effective process, with peace of mind knowing that improvements have also come to metal stamping. 

A Brief History

Metal stamping has been a fixture in Canada since the early part of the 20th century. However, it has its roots in Europe, specifically Germany. In the 1890s, German machine shops used stamped parts to make bicycles. Many of these went to the United States. As a result, United States companies became interested in the process and soon adopted metal stamping. This became a thriving practice in the 1910s when automobile production thrived. Metal stamping in Ontario and other Canadian provinces began shortly after this time and expanded manufacturing for different industries.. 

Industries That Rely on Custom Metal Stamping Services

In Canada, many businesses use metal stamping to make products. However the process has the most applications in the automotive, medical and aerospace sectors. Here, automakers use stamped metals to make brakes, sensors, body parts, and other components. The medical industry also uses stamped metals to make precise surgical tools. In the Aerospace industry it is common to find the processes in, electronics, components, and defense. In the defense, stamped metals can be a big part of making ammunition, precision equipment, and transportation. 

Recent Trends

As with many manufacturing processes, metal stamping has changed over the years. The sector of custom metal stamps in Canada looks different today than it did even at the turn of the 21st century. Notably, there is much more automation in these processes than there used to be. This allows production environments to be faster and more efficient. There is a greater rate of production, lower costs, and fewer errors in the production of the parts. 

Another trend to keep an eye on is that metal stamping delivers more consistent components. These are welcome attributes for customers. Finally, there is an increase in offshore production of metal stamping. As a result, companies are improving their techniques to make products more attractive to customers. 

Take Advantage of Metal Stamping Now

Businesses in different industries can rely on metal stamping to make key products. Companies can count on the process to deliver high-quality results. Now is the right time to use custom metal stamping services. Get in touch with the professionals at Promark Tool and Manufacturing to get started.

Metal Stamping: A Reliable, Quality Process

Since its humble beginnings late in the 1800s, custom metal stamping service providers have been responsible for making critical components. Perhaps most notably, metal stamping is a big part of the automobile industry in creating vital parts for vehicles. But this is not all. Metal stamping in Ontario and many places worldwide has found use in the aerospace, medical, commercial and electronics fields. 

There are differences today in how a custom metal stamp in Canada works compared to what it was like decades ago. One of the most apparent changes recently has been the implementation of automation. This allows providers of custom metal stamps in Canada to be more efficient and accurate. Metal stamping has also become faster and can produce higher-quality products. 

In Canada, custom metal stamping can help a business thrive and meet customers’ demands. To begin using metal stamping, a business needs the right help. Call the team at Promark Tool and Manufacturing. 

Producing Durable Products Through Machine Stamping

Companies in the automotive, aerospace, military, and medical sectors need the right solutions to deliver quality products. In Canada, businesses can turn to expert custom metal stamping service providers. This process can produce quality, long-lasting products. The efficiency that comes with using metal stamping can give a business a competitive edge. To have the right team on a company’s side, calling Promark Tool and Manufacturing is the right move.