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Differentiating Between Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication

There are a couple of processes that a company might choose from when it comes to creating metal. This involves fabrication and stamping. The right technique allows a producer to create a product that meets the specifications of the client. It is a good idea to know more about custom metal stamping and fabrication to make a more informed decision about which one to choose.

Understanding the Two Processes

There are different processes involved in each technique. With metal stamping services, the company will work on cutting out a shape using a stamp or custom dies. The company might use techniques like folding, pressing, or stretching to meet the customer’s needs. The benefit of this process is that it offers tight tolerances.

With fabrication, a company will bend and cut the metal pieces before assembling them. The exact techniques used and how companies do each process will vary depending on the design that they want to create. Often, a company has special equipment when doing this process, and with automation, the company can make many pieces that are still of high quality. No matter which process the customer chooses, it is important for them to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

For Long-Term Runs

If customers need to have many products stamped, they may choose to go with custom metal stamping. It could cost them a bit more at first, but stamping is a good choice for clients that require a large number of pieces produced. On the other hand, fabrication might be a better option for clients that require only small numbers of parts produced.


Sometimes, a client might change their mind about the design of a product and need some changes made. With custom tooling, this can be hard since the production company has to change its die. However, customers that might need to make changes might want to choose metal fabrication, as it is easier to make these changes to the design.

Lead Times

With metal stamping, the lead time might be a bit longer since the company will use a customised die. Plus, the company will have to make enough tooling to get the project done on time. However, the end result could be better for customers that need to have a lot of pieces created. Often, metal stamping in Canada is a good option if a client does not mind waiting and wants to have a quality product.

Choose a Trusted Company for Metal Stamping in Canada

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