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Promark Tool and Manufacturing Inc. is one of the best prototype companies that offers custom prototyping services to help customers come up with the best design. This way, the customer ends up with a product that will truly stand out from their competition. Having a competitive advantage is key when it comes to product design, and with a prototype, it’s easy to determine the best scenario.

Why Choose Prototype Manufacturing Companies like Promark Tool and Manufacturing Inc.?

A common misconception is that custom prototypes will take more time, but in reality, they save manufacturing time. Having a product prototype company to make a test product allows the customers to inspect and test their products in real life scenarios before going into mass production. This allows customers to reconfigure their product as needed, instead of running into issues during productions. Prototyping services will ultimately reduce the overall time to manufacture suitable products.

In combination with our assembly expertise, these allow Promark a prototype design company to manufacture products meeting the most exacting requirements.

How It Works

We’ll learn more about the product through manufacturing custom prototypes. Materials, finishes and critical aspects of the product are all assessed in this stage, and help us to determine the most efficient processes to use for the production volumes.

All of this is incorporated into our tool and production processes to make sure the final product will consistently meet all of the requirements.
Our range of product prototyping services includes:

  • Punch Presses
  • Fabrication Machinery
  • Varied Welding Capabilities
  • Fastener Insertion
  • Metal Clinching Technologies

In combination with our assembly expertise, these allow Promark to manufacture products meeting the most exacting requirements.

Design Prototype
Collaboration with you is the cornerstone to producing the right part at the right price.

We'll work with your engineers to understand your product with:
Cosmetic Criteria
Critical Features
Optimal Functionality

Some of Our Custom Prototypes:

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