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Creating Progressive Die-stamped Parts From a Prototype

Once you have a prototype in your hands, you might be wondering what the next step is. Even if you used regular machining to make the prototype, there are still some other options available to you. These might offer some more options when it comes to saving time and money with your custom prototypes.

Switching Processes

With the next project you have, you might want to switch from traditional prototypes to progressive die stamping. By using die stamping for your complete production run, you can save a lot of money. If you change your fabrication method, you can minimize your costs because this process can maximize your effectiveness. Every company needs to think about ways to reduce project outlays each time.

It is not very hard to switch your manufacturing processes, and working with the right company will make this task even easier. Choosing a company that has a lot of experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge is important. That will help you see the advantages of choosing progressive die stamping after getting prototype services.

Making a Prototype

Just because you had your prototype made using regular operating methods does not mean that you can’t produce machined parts using other fabrication processes. Progressive die stamping is an innovative solution that you should consider because of its cost-effectiveness over other methods. Look into all of your options before you begin to produce the product.

What the Prototype Services Look Like

The right company will use a comprehensive plan to look at each part of the prototyping process. From considerations for high volume production to long-term products, the right company will ensure that it takes care of each aspect.

The right prototyping company will take the time to analyze the prototype. Then it can design the part for manufacturability and then schedule it for production. The right company will try to give you the maximum volume in your parts. Understanding these steps can help you to better understand how the process works, and the right company will help you to maximize your efficiency to reduce costs.

Choose a Trusted Source of Progressive Die-stamped Parts

Many people mistakenly believe that a custom prototype will take too long to make, but it can actually save you some time when it comes to manufacturing. When you create the right test product, your clients can inspect the prototype before you start to produce more of them. That way, you can tweak the prototype if you need to. It will prevent you from having issues during production and, as a result, reduce the time it takes to make the product. Contact Promark Tool and Manufacturing. today to learn more about the benefits of custom prototypes.