Metal Fabrication

Common Misconceptions About Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication process is a huge part of manufacturing and production. However, a lot of people still have misconceptions about what it is and how it benefits multiple industries. If customers need something fabricated, whether simple or elaborate, they should start by choosing a reputable company for custom metal fabrication services.

As part of custom steel fabrication services, the right company uses quality materials and cutting-edge machines. It also keeps prices affordable and works hard to meet fast turnaround requests. Most importantly, a top fabricator delivers a finished product meeting the customer’s criteria.

Misconceptions About Sheet Metal Fabrication

With a design in hand, there’s no need for an engineer’s services

It’s not uncommon for customers to have a design already made. However, for custom metal fabrication, its best to have an engineer that is specialized in metal fabrications as well as a fabricator to look of the designs. Even a small miscalculation in a design could cost a customer significant money and time.

The truth is that the success of the custom steel fabrication process starts with a successful collaboration between the designer and engineer. After this step, the fabrication company produces a prototype, which may or may not require changes. Once approved, the part or component then goes into production.

Customers can take sheet metal fabrication companies at their word

Unfortunately, a lot of companies promise big results but fail to deliver. Separating the good from the bad is sometimes challenging. After all, any fabricator can put on a great presentation for a prospect, but that doesn’t mean they have cutting-edge equipment, quality materials, and skilled experts on staff.

This is where research plays a critical role in choosing a reputable company for custom steel fabrication services. That consists of verifying key information, reading reviews, and in some cases, asking for a personal tour of the facility. In most instances, it’s better to go with a full-service company that not only does fabrication but also tool and die, cutting, forming, assembly, and installation.

Galvanized metal is super expensive

That’s just another one of the misconceptions about sheet metal fabrication. It’s actually the opposite. Thanks to advanced techniques for hot dipping, galvanizing is quite affordable. For many industries, this extra step is essential. Once coated, metal has an added layer of protection which extends its life and reduces maintenance.

For a higher ROI, always go with the lowest bid

There are highly respected fabrication companies that produce superior yet cost-effective products. However, if a company comes in with a bid significantly lower than others, that’s a telltale sign that hidden costs exist somewhere. The key is to choose a full-service custom steel fabrication company that takes adequate time to understand the customer’s needs in detail. Also understanding the lowest bid will usually have lowest quality or more reworking.

Selecting the Right Fabrication Company

For an outstanding finished product, work with a trusted fabrication company. Promark Tool and Manufacturing. is a leader among sheet metal fabrication companies. We provide a broad range of affordably priced services. To learn more, give us a call.